USB-A Connector


This is a USB Type-A connector that will work perfectly on any cable build. It has an inner part and two metal parts that make up the shell. The inner part has four solder points for the wires to be soldered on.

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Type: USB-A Connector
Pieces: 3 pieces
Shell: Metal

Please contact us if you require more than 20 connectors.

This USB-A connector will work perfectly on any cable build or DIY project. It consists of a plastic inner part and two metal parts that make up the shell. The inner plastic part has four solder pads to solder the wires on. The pinout for the solder pads are (front of connector pointing to the righthand side, pins from bottom to top) red-white-green-black. Red and black are used for the power and white and green data wires.

The shell can easily be installed over the plastic inner part once the four wires have been soldered on. Firstly, slide the inner plastic part into the big shell part from the back, making sure the solder pads are pointing towards the opening. Then, with the two walls on the inside, install the last shell part. Use pliers to crimp the shell tightly around the cable.

The heat shrink we sell might be a little tight to push over the connector. It might be necessary to stretch the heat shrink using long nose pliers. Also, it’s usually a little easier to push the heat shrink on from the back of the connector, as the shell is taper on the back.

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