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This is where it all starts. Because this is the main part of your cable, we want you to have a product that will not let you down. Our USB cable is manufactured in the USA, and it is a great product to start your cable building project. This cable is also great for coiling.

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Product: USB Cable
Cores: 4
Jacket Material: PVC
Cable outer diameter: 3.3 mm
Internal conductors: 28 AWG
Shielding: Mylar foil shield and outer tinned copper braided shield with drain wire
Spec: USB 2.0, RoHS compliant
Manufactured in the USA

Please contact us if you require more than 20 meters.

Everything has to start somewhere, and it is no different for USB cables. If you want to get the best results, your core elements must be of good quality and made for the job. Therefore, we searched the globe to find the best USB cable, not only for Cookie Atom cables but for anyone wanting to build their very own USB cables.

Our cable is manufactured in the USA, specifically for custom cable building. It has the perfect OD for sleeving, is easy to work with and, is perfect for coiling. It consists of four 28AWG cores, has Mylar foil shielding and outer tinned copper braided shield with drain wire.

Make sure there are no sharp ends on the cable’s tip when sleeving, it could get stuck and damage the Paracord. You can pinch and pull the PVC jacket over the end to round it off.

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