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The Tiger ARC 2 Logitech G502 mouse feet is a great option to use either to improve or replace your current worn mouse feet. Esports Tiger mouse feet is a well-known brand among the community. They offer better glide and smoothness than most stock mouse feet. They are made from PTFE and have rounded edges.

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Model: Logitech G502 Tiger Gaming Arc 2
Construction: Rounded Edges to Improve Glide
Material: Reinforced Proprietary PTFE
Fits: Logitech G502
1 Sets in Pack

Esports tiger Mouse Feet offer three different options, ARC, ARC 2 and, ICE. The ARC feet are made from Proprietary PTFE and come with two sets of feet in the package. The ARC 2 feet are made from Reinforced Proprietary PTFE and come with one set of feet in the package. The ICE feet are made from Pure PTFE and come with one set of feet in the package.

The one is not really better than the other, but instead, they offer different characteristics. The most common difference being that the ARC feet will have more control and less speed, and the ICE feet will have more speed and less control. The ARC 2 feet will fall in-between the ARC feet and ICE feet. This is, however, greatly affected by the pad they are being used on and will differ from person to person.


Remove the original feet by slowly peeling them off. Use the alcohol pad (included in the package) to remove leftover residue from the previous feet. Make sure the area is dry and dust-free, before installing the new feet. Remove the film from the new feet to expose the adhesive side, then carefully align them and gently push the feet into the feet grooves on the mouse’s bottom shell, flip the mouse back over and apply light pressure to fit the feet in properly. Do not repeatedly stick and peel off the feet.

Some break-in time may be required for full performance.

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