Kailh GM 4.0 Micro Switches ( 2 Pack )


Kailh offers some of the best micro switches, which are one of the most important components of your mouse! Whether you looking to upgrade your current switches or need to replace faulty switches, this will be an option for you. It is very important that your mouse micro switches operate correctly and that they are comfortable to use as this will have a big effect on the use of your mouse and your experience. One of the most common problems found is a double-clicking micro switch. You can use this mouse tester to check for double-clicking problems.

Pack includes 2 x Kailh GM 4.0 Micro Switches

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Type: Kailh GM4.0 Micro Switches
Brand: Kailh
Package: 2 x Switches
Current: 0.1A (maximum)
Voltage: 30V DC (maximum)
Rating: 30V DC/0.1A
Contact resistance: 100mΩ
Insulation resistance: 100mΩ
Withstand voltage: 500V AC (50 to 60Hz)
Operating force: 65±10gf
Releasing force: 25gf (Min)
Operating position: 6.90±0.2(mm)
Mechanical lifespan: 60,000,000 cycles (minimum)

A mouse consists of many components that need to work together to give you, the end-user, the best experience you would expect from a mouse. Micro switches are no exception when it comes to this.

A mouse will contain a few of these micro switches, and when one of these are faulty, you will have a bad experience. A very common problem with some micro switches is that they “double-click”. In simple terms, the mouse tells the host that the user has double-clicked, when in fact, only a single click was produced. This will create a problem in all types of scenarios, from gaming or working. Kailh GM4.0 micro switches are some of the best that you will find in the market today and are used by millions of people all over the world. Not only that, they come factory fitted on a few mouse models..

Micro switches consist of 3 pins that are soldered onto a PCB, making them extremely easy and simple to replace. However, you will need to remove the mouse feet to get to them.

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